School Timings

Mon - Sat : 8:30 AM to 02:30 PM
Sun : Closed

Teachers Empowerment Programme

Trinity Public School believes in the all-round development of the institution. Therefore, we believe that it is very essential to invest in the growth of our teachers. To empower our teachers with the changing trends in the field of education, we conduct training programme’s on regular intervals.

Subject enrichment programme’s

Subject Enrichment Activities are a mandatory at all CBSE affiliated schools. The main motive of these activities are to challenge the capacity of the children and push them to next level. They provide in-depth learning that motivated students to dig deeper into their subject. Additionally, the enrichment activities become an important part of the teaching learning process, making it an integral part of knowledge gained by students in their discipline.

Some of the enrichment activities conducted at Trinity school are:

  • Quiz Competitions
  • Group Discussions
  • Role Play
  • Chart Making
  • Public Speaking
  • Model Making
  • Story Telling
  • Role Play
  • Seminar
  • Debates

Rules Regulations

Code of behaviour is very essential. As we have a set of rules followed by the consequences. We encourage our students to be disciplined. Our expertise counsellor gives confidence to follow the disciplinary code. The Student Should: Be proactive in promoting and working towards making school a positive, supportive, safe and welcoming place for all students and teachers. Be respectful and courteous to fellow-students’ parents, guardians and teaching and non-teaching staff. Be knowledgeable about discipline policies regulations and rules. Follow school rules and contribute to a positive school climate by behaving